Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dreams Again & a Hummingbird.

Sometimes you wish for a dream, and get an entirely different one.

I'm occupied by time, space, heaven, hell and most of all, music. Every song. Every movie. Every story... has a beginning. Some don't have an end. Your heart beats to the rhythm of its own drum and you can either listen to it, but sometimes things don't work out the way as planned. Today while I was coming home I saw a hummingbird near the rose trellis by the front porch. I saw you there so unaware... and later had a horrible dream. After seeing Inception, (an incredible movie) I believe that dreams tell truth and have meaning, and this one basically told it all. Who am I even speaking to anymore? Only God knows.

There is so much I am dying to tell, but it ain't gonna happen. As of right now I am crushing my dream of moving to the Penny Lane district, Liverpool, England because I keep spending my money without a job on the side. Maybe it's destination California, who knows my path? But I walk around in circles all day, literally. It's super fun!!! Note the sarcasm.

Songs for thought:

Six Feet Under the Stars- All Time Low/ Bruised- Jack's Mannequin/ Breakout- Katy Perry/ Narcolepsy- Third Eye Blind/ Hummingbird- Wilco/ The Remedy (I Won't Worry)- Jason Mraz/ Dynamite- Taio Cruz/ Glass Onion- The Beatles/ Dreamgirl- Dave Matthews Band/ Purple Stain (Live) -Red Hot Chili Peppers/ Oh, It is Love- Hellogoodbye/ Hallelujah- Paramore/ Rainbow- Jack Johnson & G. Love/ Stand Too Close- Motion City Soundtrack

xoxo lisa marie

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