Saturday, September 4, 2010

One Day & Random.

Some things about me.-----------> ♥

-I can be crazy loud, but also very shy. I love to laugh.

-I pray, no it hasn't gone out of style.


-People mean the world to me.

-I love Alice in Wonderland quotes.

-Gone are my running days. Perhaps I'll decide again someday to pick it up.

-I achieved a standing full into the pit this year when I went back to tumbling/gymnastics. But that's not my life goal!

-I love little things and sometimes I obsess over them. I have my own flaws.

-My face plant knocking everything off my dresser because I tripped on a pile of books and magazines, scraping my arm while I was at it. Epic. Fall.

-Besides all other art (which i still love), I have a love of making collages!

- I own two very different guitars. One acoustic one electric.

- I've never been in true love... or love for that matter. Of course I love my friends and family, but it's not the same.

-Don't trust Google. Ever. It's not God talking to you.

-I have nothing to give I'm out of spark. Useless words will do no part.

I'll be leaving off to TK tomorrow, hopefully it will go well.

xoxo lisa marie

Friday, September 3, 2010

Leaving Soon

I need a change of atmosphere. Being at home all the time is smothering my well being. I try to relax, but it doesn't work- I overanalyze so much. I even cry about things that probably aren't worth crying over. As much as I do, can never seem to calm myself down. Most likely a lot of the time I'm a nervous wreck, stressing over small insignificant things. There are obviously other issues that are worth the energy. I get really frightened sometimes and I wish I could give my body a vacation. Slowly, I am making my escape. ♥

xoxo lisa marie

p.s. I have bitter feelings towards myself at times for the choices i've made in my life.