Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Song Spells.

Someone could surely be captivated by music, but spells? I don't know. Music is like a drug to me. It takes us to places we've never been before, it brings happiness, sadness, everything. Without music, could we all still exist? Are there really such things as song spells? My example is centered around "Layla." Pattie Boyd was stolen from George Harrison mainly because of this song and his pursuit of her. She called it a powerful, moving song. Could music possibly have some sort of power over people? Maybe some people are just immune. I really think it could happen to someone though. Or possibly the entire country.

Songs for Thought: (Besides Paramore, AAR, Get On Top, Tommorow Never Knows, my ears are bleeding and my mind needs intravenous liquids.)

Decode- Paramore/ Can't Be Tamed- Miley Cyrus/ Obsessed- Miley Cyrus/ Gives You Hell- All American Rejects/ Tommorow Never Knows- The Beatles/Kashmir- Led Zeppelin/Misty Mountain Hop- Led Zeppelin/Layla- Derek, Eric Clapton and the Dominoes/I wasn't gonna put it, but...Get On Top- Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I try not to be too intense. I think I'll go listen to George Harrison's Something. Don't worry, there are probably no such thing as song spells. Excuse me, mr and mz, I don't do what you do and someone just tell me when I can be free of this prison. I make no sense sometimes.

xoxo lisa marie

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