Monday, August 9, 2010

I Listen to My Heart. How About You?

I bet if anyone asked me, (or if anyone actually cared) about my supposed abilities, they would say "Prove it." I started writing this post a few days ago because I'm never sure of my decisions. We all have something to prove in this world and I've worked so hard every single day to make people understand. They still don't. It's as if they're all under a spell. I can't really say what I know because it's too out there at the moment. It's painful to not be able to speak your mind. I am always trying to fix things. My parents and brother and extended family care, but in a way they don't. What I care about and what they do are two completely different worlds. My friends are there, too of course! Your family will always love you no matter what. Never in the past year have I showed someone my writing or art and had them see it through my eyes. Actually I've always felt that way. I figured out that love is all that matters after all. It's a theory that took a blink of an eye to complete. On a lighter note, I now have a lucky silly band after going to the dentist. Just a few things that contribute to the rhythm of my heart...

Dancing, rainbows, daisies, inside jokes, the beatles, music & guitar in general, collaging, painting, the genius of anthony kiedis, youtube kingsley videos (jonas brothers too but kingsley has made me laugh while i was crying), converse, photoshoots with friends, clear skies with stars, (I've seen shooting stars they're incredible) sunsets, the beach, rhyming, laughter (does anyone remember it?), and people on a good day. ♥

xoxo lisa marie

p.s. I've been listening to really depressing music lately so Songs For Thought isn't a good idea right now.

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