Friday, August 27, 2010

My Past Blog Life.

I've had blogs before, but this is the only one that has so far life has been so back and forth, a couple months ago my life was turned upside down and now it's just been...melancholic. Lisa Marie types but does not read. My mind's in hyperspeed. When I look back to what I've posted these two months, there's been a lot. But that's only half the story there's another side of me. I've talked about being a slow psychic, amazing adventures, negativity, complaints, my vivid imagination, love of music and just plain love. My favorite songs, (Under the Bridge meaning the most to me) I even posted my first youtube video with an original, then it magically disappeared. I quote John Winston Lennon, I dream about the sixties (and even fifties...fifth beatle Stuart Sutcliffe & Marilyn Monroe.) I dream about love. My real friends and how they're all different...some even ditched me for God knows what reason. No reason. Now that, I'm talking about last year. If you go back why not go all the way. I feel like a prisoner waiting to be freed, I use Anthony Kiedis as my performing muse, Taylor Swift as my songwriting muse, I love to dance (free-styling all the way). Even if it's all by myself. Be the first to enter the dance floor and the last to leave. Lately I have been feeling so lonely. This is my most random post yet.

I've written about heaven and hell, the reality of the situation I'm in, and hoping time is on my side. I have no idea what is going on...ever. I keep talking about control and the human race or at least the country being controlled, not by government but by God or someone or other people. I believe it's possible. Real. Life. HP. Fearlessness, like counting letters, it's also an art. What does my future hold? Everything is aligned, maybe...

xoxo lisa marie

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