Friday, August 6, 2010

My Blog Has Been Sucking Lately.

All they are is complaining about my current situation or what not, I really want to re-blog some of mine from July. Now they aren't just straight topical entries, they're all over the place. Tick tock I really want to share something I wrote last year but I can't. To achieve my dreams I need to just go with whatever my heart tells me and not be controlled by the people around me (lately, I do feel very controlled). Even when I tell people important things they just don't listen. It's like they're deaf. I could yell as loud as I want, jump up and down, but still... they don't hear me and meaningless words would come out of their mouth. I feel like a broken record. Music is the one thing I have left, it's what I survive on other than writing, books and art. Last night I tie-dyed a plain white-t. Success. Everything I can do to keep myself occupied. If and when I go to TK...oh what's the use.

xoxo lisa marie

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