Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Am I Going in the Wrong Direction?

I need to somehow pull it together. I've made it this far and I'm not giving up. I was at my friend's house last night but things just don't feel right anymore. Have you ever wondered how every decision affects us? Whether it's something small or very bold. When it comes to speaking truth one must be very careful. I care about a lot of people and things (mostly non- material) and all I seek is friendship and love. We are so controlled but it's all I seek. I still see my old friends from time to time but when everyone else is off having fun at school, here I am wandering around in wonderland. I'm not taking college classes at the moment because I have 0% concentration. I have so much to tell, but it seems that when I start to tell anyone their minds are on the off- switch. Hopefully someday that will change. Reading my other posts one might figure out what's going on but I doubt it. Someday.

xoxo lisa marie

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