Thursday, August 12, 2010

Band-Aids, Beaches, Crying...

and best friends to comfort me when I'm feeling low.

I wanna be a band- aid like Penny Lane. Too bad this is 2010. Or maybe I'd rather be in the band. I can never get her famous quote right. I am terribly lonely but I don't have friends who work at the record store.

Okay, so my blog has gotten a little bit dark so I'm trying to fix that. Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies. Across the Universe, The Breakfast Club and Legally Blonde are somewhere in there too. Movies give me an escape. Well, for everyone. They show you fantastic technicolor worlds where anything can happen. I'm not totally dramatic all the time but I see things differently and I guess that's why I love it. I want to do film someday as a career. Or who knows, maybe when I get my life back on track I'll do something with music.

About California...I was asked by my dad if I could sit on a plane for four hours at the moment. I said no, because of the walking... I can't sit still. But it's one of my favorite places. I love that it's different wherever you go. Warm ocean breezes kissing your skin on the beaches. The cities...LA to San Diego. Northern, Southern. Now I feel like I'm dissing Chicago. F this...I just wanna move to England.

There's something going on that no one knows about. I can't say exactly. but I'm a smart girl and I know never to give up when you're dealing with something so extensive and so important. I want people to trust me but I need support.

Take this to heart: You don't know what you got until it's gone. But sometimes, other dreams come right back at you. ♥ faith hope love

xoxo lisa marie

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