Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is Directed to Those Who Don't Believe in Me.

Wake up. Look to the sky, night or day and shut up.

Every life is valuable. Every life is a gift. I know too much, I have too much to live for by now to just let it all go. I'll give whatever I have to give in my life to get some kind of real love in return. God, don't you hear me? Every day I feel myself becoming wiser, but every day is becoming more and more bothersome. I love everyone, but I feel like everyone dislikes me. I don't like the word hate. I wish I could be where I want to be, with my best friends, but it's gonna take a while. I wanna make this life worthwhile but i need a little help. Lately, as in the past year and a half, the more I give, the less I seem to get. Things would be fixed by now if God loved me, wouldn't they be? I don't know what to think anymore. I've realized choices are what affects life, and all my choices just never feel right. I Live for Allyouneedislove. Lonely as I am, together we cry.

Songs for thought:

Absolutely (Story of A Girl)- Nine Days/ Us- Regina Spektor/ Walcott- Vampire Weekend/ This is Not A Test- She & Him/ Murderers- John Frusciante/ Trouble- Nevershoutnever!/ Remembering Sunday- All Time Low/ Revolution 1- The Beatles/ Around the World- Red Hot Chili Peppers/ Australia- Jonas Brothers/ Where Nobody Knows- Kings of Leon/ Can You Take Me- Third Eye Blind/ Believe in Me- Demi Lovato

xoxo lisa marie

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