Monday, July 19, 2010

What I Think is the Meaning of Life! & Then My So-Called One...

Hint: John Winston Lennon figured it out.

A few weeks ago I read a piece of writing to my friend concerning the future tattoo I want to get. All you need is love. Ironically it was on the exact date of the worldwide broadcast by the Beatles in 1967. I wrote it because I started living the motto. Things just don’t really matter, nothing really matters anymore, the issue is love. If you think really hard, would you rather have a lot of material things and clothes and fame (you obviously need some type of clothing and shelter) or would you rather be spending time with people you love or perhaps your soul mate. I’d choose the two latter!

Right now, I have to admit, my life is going completely nowhere. I can’t focus, I lasted two weeks at a university last fall, I failed out a semester at my community college this spring, I have no job but for some reason I still feel like life is worthwhile. It’s like I’m in limbo but I still have faith. Maybe coincidences aren’t really coincidences, everything happens for a reason or so I believe. Some things are meant to be, and some are not. Am I meant to ever fall in love? .:If love is so free than why am I caged? I wanna be free!:. The problem is I don’t think anyone else realized or realizes that they don’t see the real me. It’s so frustrating.

xoxo lisa marie

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