Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Speaking of the Sixties and Now.

I'm really bored. Randomness... ---♥

Some facts/things I like and dislike...

- I love Stuart Sutcliffe, the forgotten fifth Beatle. It's like he's parallel with Hillel Slovak, who was the first guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers. The difference: Stuart couldn't really play bass, and was an artist. Both died way too young.

-Where was I when Woodstock happened? I wasn't born yet. All hail Jimi and Janis.

-Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell...amazing folky-ness. If I lived in the sixties I wouldn't have been pissed when Dylan went electric.

- I loved Pattie Boyd with George Harrison [(Even though I kinda sorta used to like the song Layla. Eric stole her away with that song. :( ] Still trying to finish her memoir. Someday.

-Marilyn Monroe was so intelligent. Her quotes are right on.

- I like watching Veronica Mars and eating clementines... it's weird.

- I go back and forth with my interests. guitar/writing/singing/painting/reading/TRYING to edit and make videos (I wish I had help). I always switch off.

-I wish that someday God will answer my prayers. Does He even hear me?

What I've been up to: I'll never tell. :] I have been pretty sad though too.

"The more real you get the more unreal everything else gets."- John Winston Lennon ♥

xoxo lisa marie

p.s. Today I confirmed and realized my cousin is the most amazing video editor on the planet. If only I could focus too, go to Columbia College in Chicago, and start working on my dream of being a director.

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