Friday, July 16, 2010

Song Bridges & A Psychic in the Middle

Many of my favorite parts of songs are the bridges. It completes the song and rescues it from boring repetition. I love Taylor Swift bridges, and others too. In A Day in the Life [The Beatles] after "somebody spoke and I went into a dream..." that's my favorite part. I always love the little things, a small dose of drama from my own personal addiction; my drug is most definitely music. Bridges are the piece that really pulls me in. The irony? My favorite song is Under the Bridge [Red Hot Chili Peppers].

It's scary being me, I have to tell you. There is so much people don’t know about me, I keep most of it hidden. I don’t drive, I try to save the money I do have, and I never go swimming. My life was turned upside down one day and I realized I’m surrounded by both really positive and really negative energy. I feel like a slow psychic, I know things and then they either happen to me or other people. But now I feel like I’m just the communicator.

Today I’m on a quest to find a dream catcher.

xoxo lisa marie

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