Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chasing (Imperfection).

Someone once told me that imperfection is beauty (well, I kind of figured it out for myself) and I've learned it to be totally true. Like writing a song and scribbling out the parts you change. It's original, it's still beautiful and it's yours. Yet, why am I still a perfectionist sometimes?
I've been working on getting some covers down so I can finally put up some YouTube videos. (one being Tristan Prettyman's Love Love Love). I was always really bad at picking so I mainly play chords now. If I was ever in a band I would definitely want to play rhythm. But I think my path is film....My cousin/sister already makes rad videos with her best friends that sorta, kinda remind me of a mix of the Beatles (can't buy me love in a hard day's night!) and other things...

I saw Eclipse yesterday. No comment. Except for the fact that I was sleeping in a sleeping bag for the five days preceding it and I bought a dream catcher. I guess Bella Swan and I have something in common. I've had the first book for 3 years and I still haven't finished it.

My favorite blog so far has been the one about the sixties (and seventies). Let's talk more. If I had lived in that era would I have been a wild child groupie? Probably not, but definitely a flower child hippie. The decade was so turbulent. Love and peace but also war and chaos. An imperfectly perfect era. These days life is just so...blah. I wish I had people in support of my dreams, but lately real live support has been in short supply. On the other hand...when dreams come true why does no one care? At least that's how I see it.

xoxo lisa marie

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