Monday, February 14, 2011

Warm Shouldered

This is the tattoo I wish I had.

A girl with the biggest heart is always constantly let down. I'm never going to have a million friends, or probably even find true love. It's just a curse waiting to be cured. I wish I knew how to solve that piece of the puzzle. You can't make people love you, we all know that. But maybe suffering is what makes the sun and the rainbow at the end of the storm worthwhile. For those of you who have been (or are) in love, I'm sure it's more than beautiful. I'm apparently not good enough for it. Right now, my depression (all over tiredness) and anxiety completely get in the way of even searching for it, or anything for that matter. I bounce back and forth. I have had amazing conversations about how love could change me. Pure elation. Almost like a miracle- but who wants to believe in fairy tales if a fait accompli is never on your side. :(

All of us deserve to be loved, don't we? Happy Singles Awareness Day. 

xoxo lisa marie


  1. Yay for Happy Singles Awareness Day! I hope you have found happiness today!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I'm actually kind of in the same boat. But I just have to keep hope that one day, I will have that love I want and all the waiting will have been worth it!

  3. You (and all girls) deserve the world! I know you will find that:) xoxo

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  5. don't worry! love will find you. have faith in that. you deserve it.

  6. you sound like me every other day. & i try to convince myself that its not what i want right now cause i need my own life in order but you cant help thinking about it every seconds when its in your face & brought up to you by everyone everyday.

  7. You will find love when you least expect it, I know that sounds crazy but it's true!