Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lyrically Challenged

I know, I'm lyrically challenged. :)
just got back from work. Out of breath.
Love her. She's a huge mainstream songwriting icon.

You might wonder...all this just about an ex friend?
It could be about a boy...
That's just me. I never let go.
Some of it is new, some old.
Or maybe it's just I have nothing else to write about.

You're nobody's girl/ will you ever be?/ watch me fly like a dove, fall in love/ cause no one wants a fake/ Cause friends only go so far/ I'm like a star I shine and twinkle so brightly/ you'll be wishing on me nightly

Did bringing me down make you feel higher?/ You're the queen now, a corrupt little liar!

Stole everything away from me/ jealousy I sensed from the seas/ Were those eight years for nothing?/You chose to leave/ My whole world was crumbling/ You didn't care you made things up/ A photo I'd tear

Sticking up for each other smiling at the sun/ Now everything's gray and said and done/ I remember the years I wanted to hide my face/ But it's not about pretty, just soul and grace

You were never a stranger/ You wouldn't have lied/ But what would you have done if I had just up and died?/ Almost happened, I'm sorry it's true/ and I'm sorry you're not sincere/ Just another hypocrite like me/ If you stand for what you believe/ You weren't there for my cry of help/ You're just tears in my past life self

I always thought you were who you said/ Caring about people/peace in your head/ "I love God," Now, do you really?/If you ever feel the cold shoulder lingering/ turn around there I am/ singing a tune of surrender, not revenge

Here's something a little more positive:
How much will I promise you/ that i'll never be the one to leave when things rough/ Even if I'm hurt and sobbing it will never be enough/cause you, my friends, are my everything/ world's taught me to love through hell even in the spring/Some spark kept me alive/ That's all I have to tell

Glad I got that out of my system.

Off to my "church" for the week. About that, sometime later. It's amazing and its part discussion part concert at gigantic Willow Creek. I just go, even if I don't agree with everything. I don't know what to believe. I love live music too.

xoxo lisa marie


  1. i love taylor swift

  2. You honestly don't seem like you'd be lyrically challenged!

    About beliefs, though- I've never felt comfortable believing things just to 'go with the flow'... I'm a truth seeker, I guess. The only thing I feel is *totally right* without any baloney is the Bible, haha. That's just me though. :)

    Thanks for posting! Taylor's beautiful.
    Brianne Danae

  3. I am OBSESSED with TSwift, her songs all apply to me some how :) I saw your post and got so excited!