Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh, Winter Sports...

(first time review)
Snowboarding/ Skiing: 
Activity that requires great skill, discluding naturals. If you seek an adrenaline rush, these sports are for you! I also compare this rush to the one attained via gymnicetics.

I managed to try not to look like a gaper (I learned that one from my bro) and had a few good runs! I was totally sore after two days but no big matter. It's so fun! Even more fun: falling. I never fell on skis, and I fell on purpose on a board because I'm too paranoid I'm going to hit someone or high-speed faceplant. I know, isn't that the point? Did I forget that I mentioned adrenaline rush? Black diamonds in no time.

Verdict: Boarding was more fun for me because it's a challenge. Skiing I picked up right away. We were in Wisconsin staying near this great place called Granite Peak. It was supposedly notably bigger than any of the locations in Illinois to ski/snowboard.

Now, can I join my bro, his best friend, and my dad on their prestigious Breckenridge and Vail trips? No, I guess not.

xoxo lisa marie

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