Thursday, April 7, 2011


I somewhat feel like a new person.
Music has assisted this feeling.

I've been listening to a lot of great music lately, but a lot of it's old, I find it hard to catch on to new stuff until it's already been played, analyzed, distorted or awarded. Lyrics play into so much, because, well it is the body of the song. Here are some of my favorite lines from songs I've been listening to recently. Most of them are popular songs you might know. I go by feel. Honestly, these songs aren't really that much about my emotions or life at the moment. They just feel right. ♥

"and I've always lived like this, keeping a comfortable distance. And up until now I've sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness."

"like Al Pacino's cash nothing lasts in this life."

"these mistakes you've made you'll just make them again, if you only try turning around."

"drinking out, pacifier, sinking soul, there you are."

"I am high like a star that's flying, Cassiopeia, everything's changing now."

"give me a reason to end this discussion, to break with tradition, the fold and divide."

"walls of insencerity, shifting eyes and vacancy, vanished when I saw your face."

Cheers to the future.
xoxo lisa marie


  1. I love these lyrics. Totally cool. I need to do that, too. That's a great idea.
    Now I just need to figure out from which songs you snatched the quotes. Haha.


    P.S.: I just wondered lately: How old is Taylor Swift? How many boyfriends did she already have??

  2. I love your blog! i gave you the kreativ blogger award. head over to my page for the details! hope you have a great weekend * allison

  3. lovely post:)