Thursday, March 3, 2011

I've Heard Every Album, Listened to the Radio...

that's my bad side... (photo wise). Who was this old Lisa?
Oh gosh so long ago... things were so different then.
Drum roll, day dream.... :)

This is a song that I put up on youtube for a while. I decided to take it down, it violates all sorts of trademarks, but I still like it. It was written/ recorded about two years ago. The inspiration came from a writing assignment, about Miley Cyrus and John Lennon trapped in an elevator. Well, I turned it around sang it about myself, and not in an elevator. They're too stuffy. I used to say it's about a certain dream I had. My voice sucks, and this was a long time ago. Whatever. To each their own. People will always judge.

I am also incredibly annoyed by circumstances right now, with college visits and friends. I can do one week, my friend can't, there's only so many weekends, it just really STRESSES me out (But it turns out now there's a plan?)! Even more -- getting everything ready for Columbia. I wasn't made for school, I like my low- income job, but I HAVE to go. Life doesn't wait for anyone. Even the slow moving, depressed, and lonely individuals of our society. C'est moi.

Fact: After I wrote that paper, over half a year later in an interview, Miley was asked a certain question. She said that the person she would most like to be trapped in an elevator was John Lennon. It freaked me out pretty badly. Don't get too creeped out.

xoxo lisa marie


  1. Haha!! This is so stinkin' creative... and your voice doesn't suck, lady. :P :)

  2. you are really a cutie! i enjoy reading your blog! :)

  3. cute blog girl!