Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Will Find It


Panda Express anyone? The other day I told my mom: "I really wish I could be friends with Lindsay Lohan." Yes, I was serious. I feel like there is an absence of love in this world. I'm not doing too great myself. No one cares anymore. I know, "Lisa is crazy!" But in general, I want and love to be there for people; my friends, regardless of the way I am treated, forgotten, or ditched.
More on that some other time.
Prepare to get confused. Freaky Friday was, and is such a great movie. I love the parts with her mom and Jake (The guy Anna really likes and is actually her trapped in her mom's body), and I love the restaurant scene. but my favorite part is when they play the audition at the House of Blues. Tess, her mom, trapped in her daughter Anna's body, has to play lead guitar for her band. This all takes place in between the wedding rehearsal dinner. They make it back in time to give a very heartfelt speech, and they switch back. Did you know Lindsay had extensive guitar lessons for the movie? Jamie Lee Curtis was also coached for the solo. All this mom stuff, I think I am really tempted to start a new blog. "Stuff My Mom and I Say." We fight, but when we don't- most of it is funny, some of it is witty, and sometimes it's just out there...

I think everyone experiences extremely weird, coincidental things. Even the really "freaky" stuff. It seems these days that's happened to me a lot...a lot has changed...
What if you body-switched with one of your best friends or sister/brother? Opposite sex would be even worse. I love my imagination. It's something everyone needs. :) I have so much anxiety though too. I wish it would just evaporate. Panic attacks are not fun. It also plays into what goes on outside my brain, and it sucks! I wish there was a fortune that says "YOUR WORRIES WILL DISAPPEAR, WHEN WHAT IS MEANT TO BE IS CLEAR."

xoxo lisa marie


  1. I've thought of being lindsey's friend too, it seems she could really use a good one

  2. I love Freaky Friday!! I think it's sweet that you think about her needing a friend!

  3. Yes, Freaky Friday is such a good movie. I used to wish that I wanted to be friends with Lindsay Lohan, because I, too, like to help people. But, also, I try to just mind my own business, because it's hard to help people that don't ask for help.

    I'm not sure if I would like swapping places with anyone, even for a day. I love being me, and it would scare me to wake up as someone else.

  4. *sigh*
    Wouldn't life be infinitely better if we had less anxiety and more peace?
    Actually, I think not. As irksome as the panic and the stress is, life would be completely boring without it. It wouldn't! :P

    It's also an excellent excuse to eat chocolate and peanut butter and take bubble baths.

  5. ohh i used to love Freaky friday! it would be so funny to be trapped in another persons body for a day or 2 as long as you knew you were going to be switched back haha.

    i just read through your blog and i love it! i am a new follower :) x

  6. Ok . A : I love freaky Friday such a great fun movie with an awesome moral. I just watched it like a week ago. B : I agree there is not enough love in this world people are heartless and uncaring and it's so sad. I try to say hello or goodmorning and smile at everyone I wAlk past. C : I'm doing kundalini yoga classes and we sing a song at the end of every class called the sunshine song and you sing one for your self. One for the one you love most and one for the rest of the world and whenever I'm feeling less love I sing it. It goes like this : "may the long time sunshine upon you. All love around you. And the pure light within you . Guide your way on." I love it (:

  7. this movie is so amazing! I love it. And I've watched it so many times :)

  8. I loved Freaky Friday. I could never imagine switching lives with my mom though, she goes though so many stressful situations I wouldn't know how to handle it!


  9. Freaky Friday YES one of my favorite movies! Have you seen the original?? OOh boy it's hilarious!